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“We’ve been composting our utensils, boxes and take-away containers. Says Moyes: “Hopefully, the project will become a micro-version of Costco. If I can generate enough money to source celery,

Five days and one 5 gallon bucket of Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida) later, Chambers’ home compost pile was a rich. point that he now has a patent pending on the design. "This is high-tech for worms,

1. There are many options, but we selected a compost tumbler because it looked nice, won’t attract animals, and does a good job of adding oxygen to the mixture. (They can be found at wholesale clubs.

ABC (All Because of Children) House Wishes: Twin bed quilts in girls patterns, journals for teen girls, gift cards for Staples, Fred Meyer, Target and Costco, new stuffed animals, blank CDs and DVDs.

Ms_Melissa_Sue: I pledge to start composting by May 15. Costco has some great composting bins to start. CandiRSX: I pledge to reduce my household waste by using a tumbler instead of the paper cups.

If you know me well, you know I love Costco, so I picked up a set (in a very classic beige color!) from my local warehouse. But check out the department stores or big-box stores near you. Chances are.

Start composting. Put a pail under the sink and a tumbler in the side yard. You won’t find any richer garden soil. Take advantage of Southern California’s wealth of backyard produce by starting a.

A sixth category — snacks — was added in November. So Uniquely J is to Jet what the Kirkland brand is to Costco? Basically. You could also compare Uniquely J to Trader Joe’s, which sources food from.

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The Lifetime Dual Compost Tumbler is now available nationwide at Costco Wholesale Clubs and retails for $140. It includes a "How to Compost" guide and video and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The.

Target, Costco, Giant, Safeway, Whole Foods. It could just be a matter of adjusting the baking time, really. "Compost? The slimy stuff you shovel in a heap in your backyard? " Obviously she’s never.

Table to Table, founded in 1996, collected about a million pounds of food last year from businesses that include Hy-Vee, Aldi, Costco, KFC. take it outside to a larger compost bin or tumbler. Stir.

Combine with ice in a tumbler. Stir, then strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a twist of lemon peel. Combine with ice in a tumbler. Shake, then strain into a glass and garnish with a.

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