Gardening Tips For April

Seasonal Calendar – April. It is safe to plant tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in your garden now that the soil is warm. • Remove withered flowers. Look for aphids clustered at the tips of fast-growing crape myrtle branches. Blast them off.

PLANTING PEAS AND OTHER APRIL GARDENING TIPS. Don't be fooled into thinking that April is the month you can finally plant the garden. April is the month for crocuses, grape hyacinths, snowdrops, and other harbingers of spring.

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23 Feb 2006. What to do in your Northern California garden in April. Early in the month, sow in the garden seeds of cool-season veggies such as carrots, chard, and spinach. Late in the. Top Tips to Keep Plants Safe from Garden Pests.

Garden care. Mow lawns when necessary and when the weather allows, keep the blades relatively high for the first few cuts. If your lawn colour is pale green or yellowish, apply a lawn feed to encourage good, new, dark green growth.

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See Frost in the Garden. See below for advice on soil, vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers as well as the greenhouse and conservatory, Lawns and ponds. Plus what to sow and plant in April and How to Grow Vegetables cards for advice.

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The Garden Helper's Calendar of Gardening Tasks and Projects for April. Pinching back the tips of foliage plants will stimulate new growth and make your plant fuller and bushier. If you keep a Coleus as a house plant you can still start.

April Yard and Garden Tips. Watch out for: Fruits. Fireblight – inspect fruit trees for fireblight. If you had problems with fireblight last year, you will need to spray your blooms this year to prevent the spread. The best defense is a fireblight-resistant.

Learn when to plant vegetables and kitchen herbs in April in the Midwest, including planting charts, useful tips, and top regional. For planting times specific to your zip code, check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Vegetable Garden Planner.

Count on Catmint for Reliable, Showy Flowers. Plus Garden To-Do's for April. Moonflowers. April Gardens. Spring Into Action. Spring gardening tips from the Carolina Country archives. Growing Glory on a Vine. Carolina Gardens.

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Some years April appears to have all four seasons rolled into one month; we can have days with 70-80º temperatures, Along with the roller coaster temperatures and more than enough rain to keep us out of the garden, April can be a trying month. With the arrival of warmer weather, there's a lot to do in the April ornamental garden. Tasks and Tips. The Vegetable Garden in April. By Cleve Campbell.

1 Apr 2019. Spring sunshine and April showers are a perfect combination for a thriving garden, so it's time to get things under control. Check out our Gardening Tips for April below.

Timely tips to help your lawn and garden succeed from the experts at Pike Nurseries in Georgia and North Carolina.

In April and May it's not too late to sow summer bedding and vegetables, such as sweet peas, cabbage and sweet. You can still sow summer bedding in April and May, either in containers or beds. Find out more gardening tips for spring.

Just Garden Offices Offering Installation Across The UK With All Garden Structures. Montly Advice. January · February · March. April. Overview. April is a 'let's go for it!' month on the allotment but proceed with caution. Hopefully we will all be.

April sees the weather warming up and there's plenty to do to get your garden ready for a colourful summer. Which? Gardening shows you what to do in your garden in April, including killing weeds, and getting your lawn in shape.

30 Mar 2012. Framed by uncertainties of weather, here are a few garden tips for April. They were gleaned from my upcoming book, “The New England Gardener's Year, a Month-by-Month Guide for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,

Tips and Advice. Find out what you should be doing in the garden this month from Monty's latest blog. pretending that you having a great time and longing for a really hot fire to stand by, is either a freak of climate change or – April.

There are still plenty of gorgeous, colourful plants to add to your garden right now – see below for what's in flower. April. The lingering warmth has everything growing like mad, and gardens are looking lush and green as ever. This is a busy.

Compost For Lawn Seeding When seeding a brand new lawn, spring offers one of the best opportunities to get. If you want to incorporate compost into the soil for additional nutrients, Aerating before seeding also gives young grass seed space to grow. Aeration and overseeding make a great pair but adding compost topdressing takes it to. Spreading compost on