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Asked if Maxine Carr can write a book about the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, a Home Office official is quoted as saying: "There is nothing to stop offenders from writing or selling.

A snake that was swallowed alive by another snake has pulled off what must be one of the greatest escapes in the animal kingdom. Determined to survive, the would-be snack managed to turn itself around.

Disturbing parallels between the hate video made by mass murderer Cho Seung-Hui and a violent South Korean movie emerged yesterday. In his self-directed video, the 23-year-old student killer plays.

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A doctor freed after facing terrorism charges in Australia has said that he would have alerted authorities had he known any of his relatives were planning bomb attacks in Britain. Mohammed Haneef.

Angela Lansbury, who said she’s in good nick at 88, is returning to the London stage in March — after an absence of four decades. The legendary actress will play dotty medium Madame Arcati in Noel.

And with little wind shear to pull the storm apart, Florence’s hurricane wind field was expected to expand over the coming days, increasing its storm surge and inland wind threats. By 11 p.m. Monday,

Australia has become the third country to investigate Google over its Street View website camera cars collecting private data from householder’s unprotected wi-fi connections. German and Canadian.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says he will support Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in the November election. The Republican governor spoke with local media Thursday. He told TV.

Scientists have developed glowing spectacles which they say can cure jetlag. The high-tech glasses use blue and green light to trick the human body clock. It means long-haul air passengers can step.

A snoring judge, whose snorts were so loud they left the jury giggling and lawyers trying to wake him, has resulted in two men winning a retrial. Judge Ian Dodd fell asleep during the trial of the two.

It would be a tall order to expect every woman to be completely happy with every part of her body. But an alarming new survey reveals that seven per cent of women think about their body 50 times a day.

I feel James was my destiny. Shortly after I’d seen him on screen, my friend Maxine Peake was starring with him in a play at the National Theatre. She called me and said, ‘There’s a bloke here who.

Serial text abuser Dan Shearin has posted eerie photographs of the luxury Gold Coast apartment from which his 21-year-old girlfriend Breeana Robinson fell to her death three years ago. The photographs.

A drug used to treat breast cancer can actually prevent women from developing it in the first place, scientists announced today. The breakthrough could save millions of lives. A massive study of.

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A British mine clearance expert was offered a final meal of forest fruits before being shot in the head on the orders of the Khmer Rouge, a court has heard. Details of the murder of Christopher Howes.

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Maxine Waters, D-Calif. "But you have long since earned my respect, and you deserve to be heard, and you are an honorable individual." Addressing Scalise, Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., said, "You are not.

If you had brought this photo back from your holidays, your friends would think it’s not much of a picture – but it has led to wildlife officers crowing with delight. It is the first time that the.

What a time for Maxine Peake. The actress, a committed Left-wing activist. All I do know is that Taylor has been spending days at a time in London with her pal Joe, wearing a wig to escape.

. et al, was the horror of JC Miles and other Bridgwater big wigs at events in 1981 at the. It was after that when the wheels came off Maxine's bandwagon.. depressive illness – waving a pair of garden shears at his mother and saying that.

The result leaves the Liberals in tatters and 68-year-old Mr Howard as the first sitting prime minister to lose his parliamentary seat in 78 years if postal votes push his opponent, former BBC.

A pioneering operation to separate adult Siamese twins joined at the head was under way last night and appeared to be going well. Laleh and Ladan Bijani, 29, were wheeled into the operating theatre.