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With a basic handle and spread tines, newcomers to the gardening world may get confused about the correct rake to use. Garden and leaf rakes are some of the most common types of rake. As the name.

South Bend’s leaf pickup program will run April 6 through April 17 and will be picked up on a call-in basis, according to a release. Residents need to rake loose leaves to the curb and call in to 311.

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The D.C. Council has approved a law that could bring rakes back into style: banning gas-powered leaf blowers. Electric leafblowers would still be allowed. Gas-powered versions would be outlawed in.

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Probably not. All along the East Coast, from Maine to Virginia, it’s been a balmy fall, without the overnight crispiness that helps produce the panorama of golds and reds that’s typically sketched on.

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Yet in our yards and neighborhoods, where trees give us so much beauty and shade, we busily rake those life-giving leaves away every. Stash away leaves to use for mulch next spring in your.

See the Leaf Collection Area Map for details. In order to avoid blocking catch basins, residents are reminded to not rake leaves into the gutter or street. Residents are also asked to make an effort.

When the chlorophyll fades and those captivating colors finally glow through, people travel from near and far to take a closer look (and lots of pictures). States in New England, a popular destination.

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You rake a mountain of leaves, and then you jump. But sometimes it’s the easiest things in life that are most difficult. See also: Compulsive Fall Disorder: A Public Service Announcement Before you do.

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Use the broad hoelike blade to pulverize small rocks and soil clods. You’ll probably want one of each type—a steel garden rake (pictured) and a steel or bamboo leaf rake. Garden rakes make short work.

Monroe County: Info here. Mount Pleasant: Each fall, the City provides fall leaf pick-up program during late October and November. Map here. New Baltimore: Info here. Northville: Residents north of 8.

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If you’re not a fan of raking leaves, the National Wildlife Federation has good news: it’s more beneficial to leave them on the ground. According to the NWF website, leaves are their own mini.

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